Air Freight Services

This mode of transportation is known to be a time-sensitive and relatively expensive. we don’t only help you to find your chargeable weight with our “ chargeable weight calculator”, but cargotechs can offer you the best freight cost in a very simple way and with no hidden charges whatsoever.

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Our platform “cargotechs” will even make first-timers able to make expert decisions for their air cargo shipments. all you need to do is have the number of pieces, weight, and dimensions, and the rest is for cargotechs to process.


Cargotechs will give you access to several options using all the available air cargo carriers with different transit times and costs to get you the best deal and meet your expectations. your shipment will be booked on the first available flight and will be processed with the highest automation levels.
our round-the-clock customer service agents are only a mouse click away to answer your questions and keep the smile of satisfaction on your face.

explore a new world of airfreight option, get your cargotechs account.