Our Platform

When we designed the automation process of the cargotechs digital freight forwarding platform, we only wanted an enjoyable shipping experience that leads to a perfect state of confidence and peace of mind.

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The smile we want to bring to you starts from our simple sign up process for your free account as a customer or a supplier. two minute are enough to get you ready for the new world of digital freight forwarding :
pricing : get all the possible options for your desired shipment on one page this will take no more than 20 seconds
shipment booking : get your cargo booked on the first available flight, vessel, or truck. if you wish to make a future booking, just book it now and forget about it.

Shipment processing : no matter what your experience is in shipping and transport, our automated service is designed to “wow” you with our smooth process, transparency, and efficiency

customer service : you have a full team of skilled customer service dedicated to make your life simple and keep you happy. we deliver hope.

technical support: our technical team is always there for you to answer all questions and make sure that cargotechs is running in its best shape
……… and much more

all this is presented in a very efficient digitized process that will save you money and time.