Sea Freight Services

This way of shipping and transport may seem like the logical option when you need to move heavy or volumetric cargo. sea freight is known to be a good way to ship mountains at an affordable cost. cargotechs makes sure that the cost-saving will not be affecting the quality of the service.






Some container shipping lines are offering automation for the water part of the process. it is not as easy for them to cover door to door by fully automated service.

What Does Cargotechs Do?

Cargotechs main purpose is to make the supply chain world simpler. we pride ourselves on being able to connect sea freight carriers with trucking companies and other service providers under one umbrella of the digital freight forwarding to offer a door-to-door service based on the highest level of automation and most competitive prices.

having several options based on different sea freight carriers will guarantee a good deal even in peak seasons when finding space on any vessel is difficult.

all you need to do is to choose your suitable option and go through few steps to see your draft of bill of lading and start tracking your cargo with our live tracking tool. our caring and professional customer service team is there for you 24/7 to make sure your cargo will have a safe voyage to the desired destination.

get your cargotechs account and book your first container today.